Learning – how?

The biggest hurdles for me so far have been lack of clear vision. I’m not planning on creating the next wazoo! app (or something hip, along those those lines) as I’d rather develop my skills in order to match the realities of big data and move from traditional data warehouses.

But obviously the vision is not the only thing you need when learning new skills. One obviously needs some tutorials or guides when learning something completely new and the net has abundance of resources. A tricky question is which ones to use and focus on?


The first MOOC I came across was Udacity (for profit nowadays though) short after it was launched. I still check it occasionally and have multiple courses on my todo list but the early courses just feel, well old. And with that I mean the interface, not the content itself (even though that might be the case, not sure).

So, lately I have found myself logging into Code School. Surely it’s still growing the course base but for novices it has fairly good selection of modules and complete courses. And even though I really hate the intro songs (really annoiyng) the actual platform just seems fit to me. Plus the content, which is still the main driver here.

There are others too but I will stick with these two for now. I’m only subscribed to the Code School as Udacity has a reasonable amount of free (mini) courses. But perhaps during the next year I’ll try to achieve one of their nanodegrees. I just feel I need to build up my skills in order to decide which one(s) to pursue.

Other online resources

I have found myself drawn to Stack overflow whenever I need information as so far I haven’t had a question which wasn’t asked. And with some searching you will also find the right questions being answered to as well šŸ™‚

Online documentation of Python, JavaScript or other languages is a no brainer and those should be bookmarked.

And for the rest, just google and you shall find. I don’t really follow any specific forums or blogs, mostly because I would spend my time there instead of coding. Perhaps this blog will force me to see what and how others are tackling the issues. Let’s see.


I have purchased couple of Kindle books but with so much information readily available I haven’t had the need to spend too much on books. Plus also I have access to Books24x7 via the company I work for it makes no sense to spend too much on curated literature.




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