One major reason I actually started this journey is Vagrant. I wanted to practice my Linux skills and was trying to figure out how to install and maintain an image. Cue in Vagrant and I was sold. I instantly realised that I could be testing various things without compromising the laptop’s integrity.

After learning the basics I started to configure the vagrant file in order to make it more suitable for my needs. It’s still a very very simple file but I have couple of provisions, setup scripts for MySQL, ngingx and mongo and the needed port forwards and IP bindings. So in the case I need to drop the image I can have useful dev environment up and running in short time. I still need to figure out the needed Python lib installs (requirement file would be sufficient I suppose) but those are minor nuisances at the moment.

I have also checked the Docker but haven’t really figured out a real use case so I’ll leave it for now.


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