RPI Hadoop cluster (brief summary)

The JunaTracker app is on hold for a while until I figure out the nginx configuration. Although, I have done some tinkering on the templates and the backend. But that’s not the topic here.

So with lots of time on hand during the weekend I decided to configure two RPI 3’s to work as a Hadoop cluster. Two because I only had those two available. However, I just ordered two more so the cluster will grow soon 😉 . Just to get them working I opted not to compile the source and just used the 2.7.3 binaries. I’ll redo the steps and document the process and will most likely also compile so a) I get rid off the warnings of non-nativeness and b) to benchmark to see if that makes a considerable difference in the performance.

It took some time as some of the tutorials are in fact missing some bits and pieces or are actually plain wrong (wrong config item names) but I finally made it and the two RPI 3’s are clustered as you can see:pi_cluster

I’ll start working and testing this week and will add two more Pi’s as they arrive. And in order to ease my life I will also document the whole process here.

It’s good to succeed in something every once in a while 🙂


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