Basic skills – are what?

As this lifelong project advances I will pick up new skills which some people might find to be basic skills. But what are the basic skills and are there IT-wide basic skills or are the basic skills related to the field? The main driver for this post is that I still consider myself a n00b13 in many cases but I get asked “why would you do/learn that?”. I just think some skills are basic skills. But to what extend?

I really don’t know

I had started going through some of the basic skills but that makes no sense. It would just be an uneducated guess. Let’s just settle with the following: You know how the computers work  and you know how to make them work . And you can explain that to others.

So you need to understand the hardware, have a command of (at least one) language and be reasonably good in communication. There’s one exception to the first requirement: Nobody understand printers 😀







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