A couple steps back, none forward

I haven’t had time nor real interest to work with the train app. Not that I have abonded it, I just haven’t had the energy lately. Nor the nerves to come home at 7pm and start banging the code. Gotta socialise with the family too 😀

In any case, the code works as perfectly as I would imagine on the Vagrant but I just can’t deploy it properly to the RPI. So gotta start looking into deployment tools, which is not that bad of an idea as the whole idea is to learn new tools, techniques and processes.

Let’s see.

edit. The root cause was an old version of the MySQL on the Vagrant image (5.5x) compared to the 5.7x on the RPI. The timestamp has changed and that caused all the issues. I have fixed it but it’s rather quick fix instead of sofisticated one. So still some work to do. At least the app works on the RPI.


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