I’m still here

I’ve been a bit too quiet and the main reasons are work and the overall tiredness resulting from having no daylight. I just don’t seem to have energy to start executing all the ideas I have. For example I purchased an Explorer HAT Pro for the Raspberry but haven’t really done anything with it. Despite all the ideas and example projects I have.

But these first months of the blog have been fairly successful as I have finally took the bull by the horns and have actually done a lot of stuff I always wanted: found and delivered a Python project (the train timetable app), bought a bunch of RPIs and setup a Hadoop cluster, have come up with ideas for the future projects. I still have a long path ahead of me and I’m actually embrasing the idea of transforming the path into meaningful career and a way of living. Which sounds kind of cheesy but at least I have been able to break the habit of “just working for the money” and that keeps me going even in the deep dark days like this.

I’d like to give some thoughts on the projects I’m going to deliver next year (private projects but who knows if something spins off to professional work):

  1. learn how to use the sensors and learn real-life use cases for them
  2. learn (finally) how to setup the nginx or other web server for the Django project
  3. continue to build my Python skillset and start utilising it at work (already have in small scale)
  4. start experimenting with electronics. First with HATs for RPIs and then perhaps with Arduino.
  5. learn and deepen my understanding of clustered computing in databases using RPI cluster I have.

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