Data Analysis with Python

I’m getting back on track to code daily, although I still haven’t really revisited the JunaTracker. But better to code something else than nothing at all 🙂

Lately I my interested has been data analysis with Python, woken by the fact that I might actually be assigned to an analytics project. So I have taken the baby steps of learning the data wrangling and basic analytics programming. A huge help and inspiration has been Udacity as discussed in the Learning – how? post, and in more details the Intro to Data Analysis course (free by the way).

A lot of the work would be easier to do in a database but I’ll grind and learn the basics with Python. I mean that’s the only way to truly learn to code and it is fun in a geeky way 😉

So hopefully in the next couple of weeks I have completed the course and have loads of new skills and ways of thinking in the bag.


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