It’s (not?) a wonderful world of SAS

In the Fast Show there was a running skit ‘This week’. Well, this week I’ve been mostly programming with SAS Base. And I’m not too impressed. The reason being that it’s been used as an ETL tool. Really. The data warehouse is a legacy system which has been growing over the years and therefore it would be rather tedious project to rebuild it. But still…

The good thing about it is that I get to learn SAS Base and I’m happy to learn it. Let’s see how this goes, I’ll try summarise my feelings in the next couple of weeks as I’m not really sure how to feel about this. As you may have noticed 🙂

edit. A couple of more weeks later I still find the use of SAS (Base) as an ETL tool ridiculous but I have also learned a lot and it’s not such a black box as it was two weeks ago. So not my cup of tea but I’ll take this project as a learning experience. Also shows how much I have learned Python as I tend to compare everything against Python and wishing we were programming with Python rather than with SAS. Not that it really would make sense to use Python as an ETL tool either.


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